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February 26th is National Fairy Tale Day!

I love fairy tales. My husband loves fairy tales (thanks to him we own an almost complete set of the Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library!). And of course, my kids love fairy tales. Who doesn’t? Old photos of Snow White and one of her dwarfs—Hungry, maybe? While searching for ideas for this month’s Picture Book Marathon, I’ve been reading more fairy tales and folktales than I normally do. And I’ve been loving every minute of it! Imagine my surprise when I discovered the February 26th Continue reading →

Oodles of story ideas!

I’m behind on the Picture Book Marathon and have some serious catching up to do, so I’m going to make this short, but thanks to this Picture Book Marathon blog post, I discovered some great new story idea resources that I just have to share! Author Rick Walton has some great tips for coming up with story ideas here. He lists a bunch of different ways you might get started with a story. For example, choose a character, a quest, or even just a phrase–just about Continue reading →

Picture Book Marathon–Day 14

Last month, I blogged that I was going to to do two big challenges: the picture book marathon and the WordPress PostAWeek. I’ve pretty much been keeping up with the WordPress PostAWeek challenge. I think I’ve put up some good posts so far, but I’m still a little disappointed with the results. I was hoping to get a little more inspired, get a lot more into the flow of regular blogging, and get more comfortable sharing more about what I’m learning and doing. Perhaps that Continue reading →

Review: Tom Thumb

TOM THUMB: THE REMARKABLE TRUE STORY OF A MAN IN MINIATURE I just finished an advance reading copy of TOM THUMB: THE REMARKABLE TRUE STORY OF A MAN IN MINIATURE by George Sullivan (Clarion; February, 2011; 208 pages; grades 5-9). Writing non-fiction is like putting together the pieces of a puzzle, says author George Sullivan… “I like nonfiction because I’m a very curious person, and the research that I do I find introduces me to new worlds,” he said. “I’m always interested in finding out Continue reading →

Review: The Many Faces of George Washington

I recently signed up for NetGalley.com, which lets publishers connect their upcoming books with reviewers, media, librarians, booksellers, bloggers, and educators. It’s easy to use, helps me keep up with what’s happening in the market, and—lucky for you!—it allows me to share these new works I love with my blog readers! The first book I downloaded was one I’d heard about the NFforKids Yahoo group for nonfiction children’s book writers. THE MANY FACES OF GEORGE WASHINGTON: REMAKING A PRESIDENTIAL ICON, a middle-grade available on 4/1/2011 Continue reading →