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As most of you know, I’m under a press­ing dead­line to deliv­er the com­plet­ed man­u­script for CHANGEMAKERS by August 1st. I have three chap­ters left to write, plus a pletho­ra of bits and pieces scat­tered about and piles of notes to myself about things I still want to go back and fix… and only three weeks left to wrap every­thing up. So, what did I spend my day doing today? Mak­ing a new email sub­scrip­tion cam­paign, of course. (Gah! What?)
My brain seems to like hav­ing a burst of writ­ing activ­i­ty one day, fol­lowed by a burst of something–anything–else the next. I had an extreme­ly pro­duc­tive day yes­ter­day, so I pret­ty much accept­ed that today was going to be spent revis­ing, tight­en­ing, expand­ing, twid­dling, etc. Since I was­n’t in “flow” today, there was time for doing the dish­es, putting away laun­dry, and catch­ing up on some web browsing.
I hap­pened to come across this arti­cle about the 10 biggest Inter­net mar­ket­ing mis­takes made by artists and cre­atives. I’ve been want­i­ng to set up more of a newslet­ter for my email sub­scribers for a while now, so I’d already done some research on it and was plan­ning on switch­ing to using MailChimp instead of Feed­burn­er… some­day. Well, Mark’s arti­cle spurred me into action today. After all, I’m a tech savvy gal… how hard could it be, right?
Well, it took longer than I thought it would to get all the pieces to fit togeth­er (a few hours), but I think I have every­thing all con­vert­ed now. I think it looks more pro­fes­sion­al and it cer­tain­ly gives me more options, so although my tim­ing might not have been ide­al, I think it was worth it. If you were sub­scribed to my old Feed­burn­er feed, I’ve moved you to the new MailChimp one. I hope you’ll like it bet­ter, but you can always unsub­scribe if you’re not hap­py with it (MailChimp makes it easy for you!). From now on, any new sub­scrip­tions will go straight to the MailChimp list.  (If you’d like to sub­scribe, just look for the MailChimp sub­scrip­tion form on the right-hand col­umn just below my bio.)
Please let me know what you think! And, of course, let me know if you see any prob­lems. Note that I might not fix them until August, though. After all, that dead­line is still looming!

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