My first studio recording

My lovely and talented friend Tina Hoggatt recently put out a call for participants for an art projects she is working on called Story Chairs. Basically, there are these super cool-looking chairs that she helped design that have speakers in the wings and automatically play stories when you sit in them. I submitted one of my own stories, Invasive Species, and she took it! So, last week I had the experience of reading it and being recorded and edited on-the-spot at Jack Straw Productions. Wow! How cool is that?

Laurie giving thumbs up at the studio recording
Here I am giving a thumbs up that we’re ready to go. The amazing Mo is at the controls.

I also has the great honor of reading a deeply moving true story by another friend and agency sister, Audrey Vernick. I’d just met Audrey for the first time a few weeks earlier at the EMLA client retreat in Port Ludlow, so it was especially poignant for me to read her beautiful, heartfelt work. I hope I did it justice!
Here’s me reading inside the studio.

Thank you Tina and Audrey for one fun and very memorable day!

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