STEM Friday roundup is here!

I’m thrilled to be hosting STEM Friday today! If you reviewed a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) book for kids on your blog today, please leave your link in the comments or on Twitter (@lauriethompson), and I will add you to the round-up throughout the day. Thanks!

My contribution to this week’s STEM Friday, a review of IN SEARCH OF SASQUATCH by Kelly Milner Halls, is posted here.

cover1Jeff Barger reviews A Leaf Can Be… by Laura Purdie Salas over at NC Teacher Stuff. Read all about this poetry book about leaves here.

cover2On her blog, SimplyScience, Shirley Duke talks about her new book, Gases, and shares activities.

Over at Archimedes Notebook, Sue Heavenrich reviews Star of the Sea by Janet Halfmann, with some insight on writing from the author herself.

Anastasia Suen from Booktalking joins the fun with her review of Bones: Dead People Do Tell Tales
by Sara L. Latta.

Next week’s STEM Friday host will be Roberta Gibson at Wrapped in Foil.

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