International Day of the Girl: Stand Up for Girls!

Today, I took part in the Rally for Girls’ Education by standing up for girls! Did you know that two thirds of the world’s illiterate people are women? Don’t you think every girl has the right to read and write words that will change her, and to write and tell stories to change the world? I do! Here’s me standing up at noon today:

To find out more, visit LitWorld’s web page, and be sure to read this compelling article from the Huffington Post:

It has been demonstrated over and over again that women’s wisdom feeds families and communities and environments, making them healthier, stronger, more resilient and less tendentious. Educated women live longer, earn more and have healthier, better educated children. It seems a no-brainer: investing in women and women-to-be is one of the most efficient expenditures possible. 

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