How #ChangemakerEd is improving #BacktoSchool

I came across an interesting article on Medium the other day. It talks about “reimagining education in this historic time of change” and the importance of #ChangemakerEd, the global movement to empower young people to create a better world by mastering empathy and identifying as changemakers.
#ChangemakerEd book "Be a Changemaker" coverThis movement isn’t new, but it is growing. And as the author of BE A CHANGEMAKER: HOW TO START SOMETHING THAT MATTERS, I couldn’t be happier. Through my work with students and teachers based on my book, I have seen it firsthand time and time again. Once students realize they CAN be changemakers, their whole outlook on life changes. Suddenly they see prospects and opportunities they couldn’t have even imagined before. And it goes far beyond the individual students themselves, of course. As it says in the article:

The key factor for success for every community — be it a company, a city or a country — is the proportion of its population who are changemakers. A collective ability to address complex social problems — and to anticipate future ones — is paramount to positively shaping our world.”

#ChangemakerEd schools and educators are leading the charge to prepare today’s young people for exactly that kind of success by helping them gain the knowledge, practice the skills, and feel the sense of purpose that is necessary for them to thrive as global citizens and have a positive impact on their communities. Along with the core subjects, more and more teachers are also teaching their students to have empathy, be thoughtful, be creative, take action, lead the way, and collaborate with others, while allowing them to apply their education to real-world problems right now.
Interested? Read the full article here to find out more about this important movement, and watch this inspiring video about one #ChangemakerEd high school in Arizona:

And, of course, check out BE A CHANGEMAKER for inspiration, real-life examples, and tons of practical how-to advice that teens can start putting to use immediately, whether they have access to #ChangemakerED in their own school or not!

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