Emmanuel on US National Amputee Soccer Team

Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah, the subject of my upcoming picture-book biography, EMMANUEL’S DREAM, is an athlete who was born in Ghana, West Africa, with a deformed leg. As a young man, he wanted to change the way disabled people were treated in Ghana, so he rode a bicycle nearly 400 miles all around his country to prove that being disabled doesn’t mean being unable. Since then, he has continued to be an advocate for the rights of people with disabilities and has launched his own foundation, with plans to build a school in Ghana for abled and disabled children alike. He now spends most of his time based in San Diego, CA, traveling the United States as a motivational speaker and raising funds for his charity.
This spring, the United States National Amputee Soccer Team invited Emmanuel to play for them. He just returned to San Diego from a training session in Maryland, and he’ll join the team when they compete in the 10th Amputee World Cup in Mexico in late November.
Good luck, Emmanuel, and to the rest of the players on the US National Amputee Soccer Team!
Read more about Emmanuel and his World Cup Soccer experience here, including some great photos.

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