Book launch for Kim Baker's PICKLE!

Every book launch party I’ve ever been to has been a ton of fun. If that’s not enough reason to go to as many as you can, how about just just supporting our local authors and illustrators? You want them to come out and support you on your big day, don’t you? If you didn’t make it to Kim Baker’s PICKLE launch party at Secret Garden Books last week, here’s just a taste of what you missed:
There was food!

table full of food
Can you spot all of the pranks here?

There were friends!
crowded bookstore
How many faces of SCBWI do you recognize here?

There were prizes!
Kim holding prizes
I believe those are the broken-glass stickers and the trick pencils. Later, I won an exploding can of snakes!

There were books!
Kim even read a scene from PICKLE to us.
(I think I snorted out loud.)

There were even pickles!
Wait a minute, I don’t think those are really pickles.

But don’t worry, if you didn’t make it to this book launch, there will be another one coming soon to a bookstore near you. Make sure you get out there and see what all the fun is about! And if you still need to pick up a PICKLE, you can always click here:

 Shop Indie Bookstores

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6 thoughts on “Book launch for Kim Baker's PICKLE!”

  1. So sorry I couldn’t come down for the launch. 🙁
    Thanks for sharing the photos, Laurie. Would you believe I’m actually MOVING tomorrow? During the long, long wait our plans changed and we’re moving to Colorado (woohoo–happier.)
    I’ll watch for all your good news here and in the Chinook. ^_^

  2. Thanks for posting this, Laurie, and congratulations Kim! Sounds like the perfect tribute. I did eat a pickle in your honor, and I hope to get my copy autographed by you soon. So happy for you, and though I technically don’t have a stake in this book, I’m also very proud of you!


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