This is not me

I have lived in many different places, had more than one career, and done a lot of different things. So, in case you’ve ever wondered…

I cannot speak Swedish, and this is not me. Nope, neither is this, although it’s fun to see my name on Amazon.

I do not write paranormal romance novels, although it sounds like fun and maybe someday I will.

I have never been, nor ever will be, a member of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (G.L.O.W.), although I was a cheerleader (small ‘c’) and am a member of the Gorgeous Ladies of Publishing (G.L.O.P.).

I would love to be a zookeeper, but I’m not.

I enjoy playing with my camera, but I’m not a professional photographer.

Not an executive search professional, or a finance and business affairs executive, or a science teacher.

This is DEFINITELY not me.

Perhaps a pseudonym is in order? Any ideas?

Does anything interesting come up if you Google your name?

3 thoughts on “This is not me”

  1. That’s so funny! The curse of the common name! I might have told you this already, but when I was looking up variations of my name for a website I found a folk singer, a jewelry designer (also in Seattle), and a sensual therapist.

    We need pen names!
    Blog more!

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