I’m off to NYC for #NY11SCBWI!

I have to admit, I’m a little more nervous about attending the SCBWI conference in NY this year. Yes, they’re going to have great speakers (Lois Lowry! Jane Yolen! R. L. Stine! Mo Willems! and plenty of other wonderful people!). And yes, there will be agents, editors, and publishers there. But I’ve gotten fairly used to that by going to so many great SCBWI events over the last few years.  No, that’s not why I’m nervous.

I’m nervous because NYC has been called “the bedbug capital of the world.”

I guess that’s supposed to be me, although the incredibly talented Dana Sullivan must have missed my tweet about packing to stay warm and only wearing comfortable shoes this trip (sorry NYC fashionistas, but it’s not like I had a chance anyway). And a martini? Perhaps he also doesn’t know I’m more of a Guinness-girl. At the very least, cocktails should definitely not have vegetables in them. Besides that, though, Dana’s pure brilliance. You can see more funny things from him, or even sign up to receive one by email every week, here.

Anyway, I’ve got plastic bags for all my clothes, I plan to keep my suitcase and clothes off the floor at all times, and I WILL be checking the bed and room when I arrive. So, let’s hope the only new things I bring back home with me are books.

Wish me luck!