Two more awards for Be a Changemaker!

Be a Changemaker cover
Be a Changemaker was recently awarded two more prestigious awards:
Moonbeam AwardFirst, it was recognized last month with a Moonbeam Award! These awards were created “to bring increased recognition to exemplary children’s books and their creators, and to support childhood literacy and life-long reading.”  You can see the full list of winners here. Be a Changemaker was selected as a Gold Award winner in the Mind-Body-Spirit/Self-Esteem category. They even sent a gorgeous (and seriously heavy) medal to wear around my neck!

Burgess Award seal
And, just today I found out it has also been awarded a 2015 Gelett Burgess Award, too! The Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award “highlights excellence in family-friendly books covering the broad expanse of a child’s existence, helping them grow socially, emotionally, ethically, intellectually, and physically.” Be a Changemaker was selected as the winner in the Lifestyle category for “Helping Others & Philanthropy.” Look how pretty!
Burgess Award Be a Changemaker display

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2 thoughts on “Two more awards for Be a Changemaker!”

  1. Hi there. I would love to buy “Be a Changemaker” for my nieces, but they are British, and I’m wondering how well the content would travel (eg are there suggestions that would not work or not be relevant in the UK? Do any of the examples involve British young people?). Can you give me any information about this? I tried to look at, but it seems to be down. Many thanks for any advice you can give.

    • Thanks for your interest! There is an example of a girl from Scotland, and a group from South America, and several of the US groups are doing projects in other parts of the world, so the examples definitely “travel.” A tiny bit of the specific advice (such as regarding trademarks or taxes) may have slightly more information for US readers than others, but your nieces should find everything they need to get started and much more. I tried hard to keep it as global as possible. I hope they enjoy it!


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