Two more awards for Be a Changemaker!

Be a Changemaker cover
Be a Change­mak­er was recent­ly award­ed two more pres­ti­gious awards:
Moonbeam AwardFirst, it was rec­og­nized last month with a Moon­beam Award! These awards were cre­at­ed “to bring increased recog­ni­tion to exem­plary children’s books and their cre­ators, and to sup­port child­hood lit­er­a­cy and life-long read­ing.”  You can see the full list of win­ners here. Be a Change­mak­er was select­ed as a Gold Award win­ner in the Mind-Body-Spir­it/­Self-Esteem cat­e­go­ry. They even sent a gor­geous (and seri­ous­ly heavy) medal to wear around my neck!

Burgess Award seal
And, just today I found out it has also been award­ed a 2015 Gelett Burgess Award, too! The Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award “high­lights excel­lence in fam­i­ly-friend­ly books cov­er­ing the broad expanse of a child’s exis­tence, help­ing them grow social­ly, emo­tion­al­ly, eth­i­cal­ly, intel­lec­tu­al­ly, and phys­i­cal­ly.” Be a Change­mak­er was select­ed as the win­ner in the Lifestyle cat­e­go­ry for “Help­ing Oth­ers & Phil­an­thropy.” Look how pretty!
Burgess Award Be a Changemaker display

2 thoughts on “Two more awards for Be a Changemaker!”

  1. Hi there. I would love to buy “Be a Change­mak­er” for my nieces, but they are British, and I’m won­der­ing how well the con­tent would trav­el (eg are there sug­ges­tions that would not work or not be rel­e­vant in the UK? Do any of the exam­ples involve British young peo­ple?). Can you give me any infor­ma­tion about this? I tried to look at, but it seems to be down. Many thanks for any advice you can give.

    • Thanks for your inter­est! There is an exam­ple of a girl from Scot­land, and a group from South Amer­i­ca, and sev­er­al of the US groups are doing projects in oth­er parts of the world, so the exam­ples def­i­nite­ly “trav­el.” A tiny bit of the spe­cif­ic advice (such as regard­ing trade­marks or tax­es) may have slight­ly more infor­ma­tion for US read­ers than oth­ers, but your nieces should find every­thing they need to get start­ed and much more. I tried hard to keep it as glob­al as pos­si­ble. I hope they enjoy it!


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