Nonfiction Monday book review: Spiky, Slimy, Smooth

I must admit, when my own daughter entered kindergarten and started the unit on texture, I was surprised. Yes, textures are all around us, but what’s to study? These kids are already experts. After all, they’ve been feeling textures since before they were born (often with their mouths)!
I soon realized that’s exactly the point, though. They are all around us, but do we have the words to describe them? Have we really ever thought about how things feel, or why? This isn’t important only for its scientific implications, it’s also critical for good writing! I enjoyed seeing my children go through this topic and gain a new appreciation for the things around them. And I especially loved trying to help them come up with exactly the right words to describe a common, or not so common, texture.

In SPIKY, SLIMY, SMOOTH (Lerner/April 1, 2011/32 pages/ages 4-8), Jane Brocket combines beautiful, bold photos of everyday objects with deliciously descriptive language.
While the reading level seems a bit too advanced for most kids who will likely be studying textures as part of their science curriculum, it will make a great read-aloud for their teachers looking for an engaging way to present the topic. Brocket’s text includes many interactive elements, and her kid-friendly photos will have young learners wiggling their toes, delving into their memory banks, and stretching their imaginations to experience the textures themselves.
Happy Nonfiction Monday! You can see the rest of the roundup over at Rasco from RIF here.

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