#SWF09: The role of education in social entrepreneurship

This article over at the Social Enterprise mag has some great quotes about creating young change-makers:

Paraphrasing Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka: “Young people should be educated about social entrepreneurship from the age of 12 if there is to be a next generation of change makers… The key time to inspire the social entrepreneurs of tomorrow is between the ages of 12 and 20.”

12? In my opinion we can, and should, start a lot sooner, but I totally agree that we must purposefully educate our youth–ALL youth–about how to create the changes they want to see in the world. That is why my current work-in-progress is a how-to book for teenagers who want to save the world, aimed directly at readers 12 and up.

“In one message of how educational institutes should tackle business teaching, [Jim] Austin [professor at the Havard Business School] said: ‘Empower the students, then get out the way. They will do incredible things.'”

YES! This is true for any individual or group, as we’ve already seen with other great movements of empowerment like civil rights and feminism. The next major empowerment movement is that of the world’s youth, and I know it’s already here and growing fast. I’m hoping my book will help it along in a big way, because I, for one, want to see even more incredible things.

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