Youth as change-makers—the next revolution

Bill Drayton, founder of Ashoka, is one of my personal heroes. Thanks to Jack at Youth Venture Seattle, I had the most amazing opportunity to hear him speak in person a few weeks ago. I also got to meet him afterward, and we talked for quite awhile about my current work-in-progress–a handbook for young change-makers! Despite being sick, and in total awe, I hope I was able to sound reasonably intelligent. I think it worked, because he was very supportive and had a bunch of great suggestions and advice. What a thrill. Thanks, Bill!

Here’s a video (not mine) where Bill presents some of the same issues he talked about here in Seattle.

I think he is absolutely right on all counts. Empathy, teamwork, and leadership skills—for everybody—are going to be ever-increasingly essential for our survival. What can you do to help change the world?

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