World’s Deadliest Catastrophe

On May 14th, the UN sought to remind peo­ple that the Con­go remains world’s dead­liest cat­a­stro­phe. The prob­lem is, who in the world even knows that 1,200 peo­ple are dying there every day, or that three months ago the Unit­ed Nations launched an appeal for $682 mil­lion to pro­vide the need­ed water, food, med­ical assis­tance, shel­ter and pro­tec­tion? Yes, we’re all dis­tract­ed. Yes, there are oth­er crises to tend to in Africa and else­where around the world. But let’s face it, there are coun­tries in the world who can, and should, step up. The peo­ple of the Con­go have suf­fered long enough.

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