They’re only baby teeth… Why bother?

Here’s a top­ic I am all too famil­iar with. Despite my best attempts, which admit­ted­ly are nei­ther thor­ough nor con­sis­tent, both my chil­dren had cav­i­ties by age three. I thought I’d done all the research, asked all the right ques­tions, and made all the right deci­sions to pre­vent it from hap­pen­ing again, so I was sure I knew exact­ly what would go into this arti­cle. Research is my favorite part of writ­ing, though, so I dug into it any­way. I found out there’s always more to learn. That’s what I love about research.

Tak­ing care of your preschool­er’s teeth”, Par­entMap, Feb­ru­ary 2006

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