Hike and seek with geocaching

My first published article is about taking kids geocaching — a growing sport where handheld GPS systems are used to locate hidden “treasure”. Although we don’t go often enough, my family really enjoys hiking, and geocaching adds a nice twist to help keep the little ones motivated. The Pacific Northwest is a particularly great place for geocaching, but you can try it just about anywhere in the world.

Hike and seek with geocaching“, ParentMap, August 2004, pages 22-23

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2 thoughts on “Hike and seek with geocaching”

  1. Hi Callie,
    Thanks for your comment! No, I don’t have any experience with that model. I have a Garmin Nuvi, but haven’t used it for geocaching yet. I’ve also seen the TomTom unit. They’re definitely great to have in the vehicle when you’re not sure where you’re going!


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