Exciting BE A CHANGEMAKER book news!

I’ve had some recent excitement! In case you missed it over at Emu’s Debuts today (where I blogged about the dueling feelings of elation and terror that come with it all), here’s a quick recap…

  • I finished the final author query round for BE A CHANGEMAKER:
Not many tabs–yay!
  • I got permission to share the cover for BE A CHANGEMAKER:BE A CHANGEMAKER cover
  • Friend and fellow nonfiction author Mary Cronk Farrell told me she downloaded the advance reader copy of BE A CHANGEMAKER from NetGalley, which means people are already reading it!

Things just got a lot more real, folks, in the best possible ways. :)

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  1. Jean Reidy says:

    Laurie – What a wonderful string of good news. I’m off to pre-order my copy. I sure wish I could attend your panel. It sounds like a terrific group.

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