Oodles of story ideas!

Picture Book Marathon 2011 Logo, by Nathan Hale

I’m behind on the Picture Book Marathon and have some serious catching up to do, so I’m going to make this short, but thanks to this Picture Book Marathon blog post, I discovered some great new story idea resources that I just have to share!

Author Rick Walton has some great tips for coming up with story ideas here. He lists a bunch of different ways you might get started with a story. For example, choose a character, a quest, or even just a phrase–just about anything that comes to mind–then follow it, and see where it goes.

To help with that, he’s also compiled lots and lots of amazing brainstorming lists for children’s book writers, which you can find here. A few of my favorites include:

If you can’t find some story ideas in there somewhere, you might want to try a new career. Maybe brick laying or air traffic control? (Oh wait, that’s what MY high school aptitude test said I should do. I guess you’re on your own.)