Odyssey article 1

Odyssey article 2 Wanted: For Breaking the Law of Viscosity, Odyssey, October 2011
I got to write a fun article about non-Newtonian fluids along with an activity for Odyssey’s “Slimes and Other Messy Science” issue. I didn’t know much about the topic when it was assigned, so I had to do a ton a research and interviews and call in the experts for fact checking. The whole thing was a great experience, though! And, doesn’t it look fabulous?

New Life for Retired Tires, KNOW, Nov/Dec 2007
What has more kid appeal than a gigantic truck that drives from town to town looking for tires to chomp? One that cleans up the environment at the same time!

Bones of Steel, KONO, May 2007
My article about nutrition tips for healthy bones appeared in the premier issue of this martial arts magazine for kids ages 5-12.

Extreme Treasure Hunting, Wee Ones, May/June 2007
This article, which introduces kids to the fun of geocaching, was the first one I wrote for children. It was accepted way back in April 2006, but finally made its appearance in the May/June 2007 online issue of Wee Ones Children’s Magazine for ages 4-10.

Riders for Health, Faces, March 2007Riders for Health uses motorcycles to deliver medical supplies and services to regions of Africa with little or no infrastructure. I profiled their organization for this issue about global health.

Spot the Spots, KNOW, May/June 2007
Scientists at ECOCEAN are using pattern-recognition software developed for NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope program to recognize individual whale sharks, which are covered with small, white spots on a dark background similar to a starry night sky.

The Scoop on Poop, KNOW, Sept/Oct 2006
Someday, your home might be heated by poop! This is my short news piece about San Francisco’s dog poop recycling program.

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